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Revitalizing tired pools with durable, dazzling pool plastering finishes in an eye-catching array of custom colors, designs, and textures.

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Pool Commander brings together a world-class team nationwide of exceptional plasterers, tilers, and deck crews. Backed by our seasoned project management personnel, we have become the foremost authority in pool resurfacing and renovation. We are devoted to quality workmanship, artistry and client contentment.

We have expertise in residential and commercial undertakings of all scales and intricacy, striving to fulfill the requirements of pool owners across the United States.

Consulting and Training

We continually evaluate and educate our crews on new products launched by manufacturers. We have refined how we blend plaster with aggregates so the client acquires their preferred water tone.

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Pool Plastering for the Desired Look

Pool plastering is a crucial step in the construction and remodeling of swimming pools, contributing not only to the structural integrity of the pool but also significantly influencing its aesthetic appeal. The plaster color can play a crucial role in determining the water color of the pool.

Here are a few ideas on achieving the desired pool water color; however, it must be noted that other factors can affect the color, such as the pool’s shape and depth, time of day, cloudiness and sun exposure, pool chemistry, and surrounding landscaping.

In addition, the water will appear lighter in shallower areas with steps, ledges, and benches.

Blue Water Color

White, gray, or blue plaster finishes will make your pool water appear blue in tone. A white plaster finish creates a soft, sky-blue water hue. The lighter the shade of gray or blue plaster, the lighter and softer blue tone your pool water will be.

Conversely, the darker the blue or gray plaster color, the deeper and richer the blue tone the water will have.

Greener Tone Water

Green, black, brown or tan plaster finishes make the water reflect greener tones. Specifically for a gray pool water color, a dark gray pool plaster finish can be used.

Lighter vs. Darker

Generally, the darker the plaster color, the darker the water tone will be. Lighter plaster colors create softer, lighter water hues. Selecting the right shade of plaster finish is essential in achieving the desired water color.

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