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Our expertise includes designing and constructing swimming pools and spas customized for various establishments such as hotels, country clubs, condo communities, aquatics centers, and industrial complexes.

Pool Commander®

Commercial Pools, Spas & Water Parks

Pool Commander® is a distinguished authority in northwestern Florida for designing and constructing commercial pools, spas, and water park features. With a commitment to excellence and a reputation for innovation, The Pool Commander® brings abundant expertise to the aquatic landscape.

The design philosophy seamlessly merges aesthetic appeal with functionality, ensuring that each project meets and exceeds clients’ expectations. From sleek and modern commercial pools to luxurious spas and thrilling water park features, Pool Commander’s® team of skilled professionals deeply understands engineering principles, safety standards, and cutting-edge technologies.

With a portfolio that showcases a diverse range of successful projects, Pool Commander® continues to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking to create immersive and memorable aquatic experiences for their patrons.

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Guide to Popular Commercial Pool Designs


Lagoon-style pools offer a lavish and naturally inspired choice for commercial swimming spaces. True to their name, these pools mirror the appeal of tropical lagoons, featuring irregular shapes, secluded coves, and gracefully curved edges. Enhanced with rock formations, gentle waterfalls, and strategically placed plants, lagoon-style pools effortlessly evoke the serene and picturesque ambiance of a resort in the tropics.

The naturally flowing contours of the organic shape lend captivating visual interest, effortlessly harmonizing with the surrounding environmental landscape. When paired with imaginative lighting, the lagoon pool has the transformative power to transport guests to a domestic island paradise. This exotic yet accessible setting offers a unique and delightful way to indulge in the pleasures of swimming and aquatic leisure.

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Departing from conventional kidney and rectangle shapes, freeform pools introduce a more organic aesthetic to commercial pool environments. Characterized by gentle, flowing contours, these pools seamlessly complement gardens and landscaping, adapting effortlessly to both expansive and compact spaces.

Unlike pools that dictate yard design, freeform pools empower commercial properties to infuse creativity into the integration of the pool within the landscape. Commercial properties seeking a pool that harmonizes with the natural features of their surroundings will find both beauty and freedom in the design of a freeform pool.


Ideal for contemporary properties and minimalist style, geometric pools offer a sleek, modern aesthetic. These pools are characterized by clean, streamlined designs that can be elevated with creative elements such as tile patterns, decking layouts, and features like infinity edges.

While rooted in straight lines, geometric pools allow for incorporating various shapes, providing flexibility. The pursuit of precision in achieving perfect geometric forms results in a visually striking centerpiece. Commercial pool owners with a taste for eye-catching, almost sculptural designs will appreciate the unique pool profile that a geometric shape can bring to their outdoor space.

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Zero Entry Pools

Zero-entry pools for commercial properties offer a distinctive and inviting aquatic experience. Mimicking the gradual slope of a natural beach, these pools feature a gentle incline that allows swimmers to quickly enter the water, making them particularly appealing to individuals of all ages. The gradual depth progression provides a versatile space for various activities, from leisurely wading to more vigorous swimming.

Zero-entry pools often boast expansive shallow areas, creating a communal space for socializing and relaxation while blending seamlessly with the surroundings, evoking the ambiance of a coastal retreat. Additionally, zero-entry pools can be complemented with features like water jets, umbrella fixtures, and vibrant landscaping, enhancing the overall appeal and functionality for commercial properties seeking a unique and enjoyable aquatic environment for their patrons.

Negative Edge 

Widely recognized as infinity edge or vanishing edge pools, negative edge pools prove to be exceptionally well-suited for commercial settings. They deliver a striking visual impact where the water seemingly spills over the pool’s edge, seamlessly merging with the surrounding environment or expansive views. This captivating illusion extends the visual space of the pool to create a remarkable, infinite effect.

Negative edge pools skillfully draw attention to the awe-inspiring vistas beyond, enhancing the overall ambiance of the commercial space. Even in the absence of a scenic backdrop, a well-designed negative edge imparts a floating aesthetic, adding an element of beauty, sophistication, and a breathtaking illusion that contributes to the overall allure of commercial pool environments.

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