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Breathing new life into outdated pools through ingenious remodeling and renovation yielding magazine-worthy property transformations.

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pool remodeling

Pools can always benefit from upgrades. Whether you want to modernize an existing pool or transform it into an exotic oasis, various options are available. Custom lighting can create an ambiance at night, while waterfalls, spas, and rock formations make it feel like a private tropical resort.

A pool renovation can breathe new life into a previously unexciting backyard. With the right additions, your resort can showcase your style for relaxation or entertainment.

If you are considering pool remodeling, you are at the right place. Our professional remodeling team transforms tired pools into backyard oases. Whether you want minor upgrades or a total restoration, we have the vision and skills to make your pool renovation dreams a reality.

With superior workmanship and customer service, we aim to exceed your expectations.

Transforming your outdated or damaged pool into a backyard oasis requires careful planning and execution. Here is a typical sequence for a pool restoration.

  1. Drain and Prepare – We’ll drain out all old water and debris to access the entire shell for assessment, repairs, and preparations.
  2. Surface Preparation – The pool shell is acid-washed, pressure-washed, and readied for new finishes after draining.
  3. Apply Bond Coat – A bond coat layer helps the new plaster adhere properly.
  4. Tile and Grout – New exciting colors and designs can be installed to fit your vision.
  5. Plaster/Pebble – We’ll apply your choice of smooth plaster or pebbletec finish.
  6. Fill and Balance – The pool is carefully filled, balanced, and brushed for a 28-day curing process.


Optional Enhancements:

  • Sun Shelf Addition
  • Spa Addition
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Hardscapes
  • Deck Upgrades, brick pavers and more.


The whole process requires detailed craftsmanship. With proper curing, your renewed pool will provide years of enjoyment! We handle every step from start to finish.

Brief Overview of Pool Remodeling Services

Pool Resurfacing

Revitalizing your pool entails the removal of its existing surface, followed by applying a fresh, resilient finish. Our range of resurfacing choices includes plaster, pebble, and tile options, allowing you to select the one that aligns with your aesthetic and budgetary considerations.

Tile and Coping Repairs

Our tile repair service includes removing the impaired tile and substituting it with a new one that harmonizes color and texture with the surrounding tiles. We prioritize precision to guarantee a seamless repair that effortlessly integrates with the existing tilework.

Plumbing, Electric and Gas Repairs

Recognizing the potential dangers and substantial impact of faulty plumbing, electrical, or gas systems on your pool and outdoor living area, we are committed to providing swift and dependable repair services. Our technicians leverage state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and techniques to pinpoint the underlying issues, enabling them to promptly suggest the most effective course of action.

Pool Equipment Upgrades

Whether your pool equipment demands a straightforward repair or requires a total replacement, we possess the expertise and resources to execute the task precisely. We exclusively utilize top-tier replacement parts from reputable brands, ensuring your equipment’s longevity and reliable performance for years to come.

Chlorination Systems

We offer chlorination system choices catering to your needs and budget, encompassing saltwater and traditional chlorine systems. Collaborating closely with you, our team evaluates factors such as your pool size, usage patterns, and lifestyle to pinpoint the most suitable option. Our installation process is streamlined and trouble-free, ensuring minimal pool and outdoor living space disruption.


Whether you seek the cozy warmth of natural gas, the versatility of propane, or the energy efficiency of electric heating/chillers, our team is committed to customomize your pool environment to meet your specific lifestyle and climate needs.

Imagine luxurious dips in perfectly heated waters during chilly evenings or refreshing swims under the warmth of the sun.

Our pool remodeling expertise ensures your pool is equipped with the latest technology for efficient and cost-effective temperature control.

Additional Add-On Features

  1. Variable speed pump installation.
  2. Installation of add-on heaters.
  3. Installation of add-on chillers.
  4. Chlorine feeder installation.
  5. Motor replacement.
  6. Shaft seal replacement.
  7. Repair of leaking equipment.
  8. Sand filter installation.
  9. Cartridge filter installation.
  10. DE filter installation.
  11. Installation of automated equipment.
  12. Hayward Omni systems.
  13. Pentair automation system installation .

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