Pool Maintenance

Adequetely maintaining a pool results in a longer life with less costs.

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Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Ensuring the pristine condition of your pool is essential for a refreshing and enjoyable swimming experience. At the Pool Commander, our professional pool maintenance and cleaning services offer customized service plans to preserve the clarity and hygiene of pools.

These services go beyond routine cleaning as we consider factors like size, usage, and specific features.

The basic plans can include regular skimming, vacuuming, and chemical balancing to maintain optimal water quality. More inclusive plans can incorporate specialized services like tile and grout cleaning, equipment inspections, and seasonal preparations.

By opting for a customized pool maintenance service, you ensure the longevity of your pool infrastructure and create a personalized approach to care, addressing the nuances that make your oasis unique. It’s a commitment to excellence in service and enjoying your pristine pool environment.

Maintenance Plans Can Be Customized to Include the Following

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or for Special Occasions
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of water chemistry.
  • Add necessary chemicals to achieve optimal water balance.
  • Empty skimmer basket(s) for efficient debris removal.
  • Clean the in-line basket for improved filtration.
  • Perform backwashing for DE or Sand Filters as needed.
  • Use a net to remove surface water debris.
  • Brush tiles, sides, and steps when required.
  • Refill the chlorine feeder or adjust salt levels as necessary.
  • Vacuum the pool bottom during each visit.
  • Conduct a visual inspection of the pool pump and filter gauge.
  • Empty the automatic pool sweep for proper functioning.
  • Adjust time clocks as needed, considering seasonal changes.
  • Ensure all gates are closed and securely latched.
  • Provide a detailed weekly Service Report, including a checklist of services performed, identified issues for resolution, and recommended chemicals to maintain water balance.

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