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Educating pool owners on proper maintenance and chemical care through our explanatory pool school programs so your oasis sparkles all season.

Learn To Care For Your Pool

Pool Commander® Pool School

pool school

Pool Commander® in Florida offers new pool owners a valuable Pool School service. PoolSchool provides customized pool maintenance training so you can properly clean and treat your new pool yourself.

During a PoolSchool session, a pool care professional will come to your home and teach you essential pool care skills hands-on. You’ll learn the proper techniques to brush the pool, test and balance chemicals, clean the filter, and perform regular maintenance.

Pool Commander® Pool School trains you on what to do and what not to avoid, ensuring you can care for your pool without hassle or accidents.

Pool School Training List

Testing and Balancing Water Chemistry (Covering Chlorine, pH and More)

Understanding Pool Circulation and Filtration

Sanitizing with Chlorine and Alternatives

Removing Debris from the Surface with Pool Nets

Brushing Pool Surfaces to Prevent Buildup

Maintaining Proper Chlorine or Salt Levels

Priming and Operating the Vacuum

Emptying Skimmer Baskets for Cleaner Water

Identifying and Cleaning In-Line Baskets

Backwashing Filters to Remove Trapped Contaminants

Inspecting Pumps and Gauges to Spot Issues

Setting Time Clocks for Efficient Operation

Using Automatic Pool Cleaners for Convenience

Essential Pool Care Tools and Their Uses

Water Chemistry and Safety for Healthy Swimming

Contact Pool Commander® to schedule a Pool School session and get personalized instruction on keeping your Florida pool sparkling all year.

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