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Let your imagination dive deep when planning your backyard upgrade. We create custom pools and spas to blend seamlessly with your lifestyle and budget.

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Residential Custom Pools & Spas

Many homeowners install a custom pool in their backyard for the ultimate backyard oasis. In addition, many are choosing a customized inground pool and spa combo.

Whatever you choose, it is vital to hire an experienced pool builder with an eye for creativity, as this is vital to achieving the best design for your backyard layout, personality, home decor and budget.

At Pool Commander®, we know how a custom pool is a significant investment. This is why we are passionate about what we do, as we work diligently to ensure every homeowner gets exactly what they want and more.

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Guide to Popular Pool Designs


Lagoon-style pools are a luxurious and natural-looking option for backyard swimming. As the name suggests, lagoon pools emulate a tropical lagoon, with irregular shapes, coves, and curved edges. These pools often incorporate rock formations, small waterfalls, and plants to complete the lagoon aesthetic.

The organic shape provides visual interest that can seamlessly blend with the environmental landscape . With creative lighting, the lagoon pool truly transports you to an island paradise right at home. It’s an exotic yet accessible way to enjoy swimming and backyard fun.

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Freeform pools break from the typical kidney and rectangle shapes to offer backyards a more natural-looking environment. These pools have soft, flowing contours that complement gardens and landscaping. The freeform design suits both large and small yards, working around trees, planting beds, and hardscapes.

Steps, benches, rock features, and plant accents can be incorporated into the unique shape. Freeform pools allow for creativity in integrating the pool into the yard rather than having the yard design conform to the pool. Homeowners looking for a pool that feels like a natural feature of the landscape will appreciate the beauty and freedom of a freeform pool design.


For a clean, modern look, geometric pools suit contemporary homes and minimalist landscaping styles. Geometric pools tend to be simple, streamlined designs, yet you can add interest with tile patterns, decking layouts, and structural elements like infinity edges. They have straight lines while they can incorporate various other shapes.

Achieving perfect geometric forms requires precision but makes a striking backyard centerpiece. A geometric shape creates a unique pool profile for pool owners desiring an eye-catching, almost sculptural design.

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Plunge Pools / Cocktail Pools

For homeowners seeking a compact pool perfect for lounging and cocktails, small cocktail pools deliver big style and relaxation value without dominating limited backyards. These petite pools measure from 6 to 8 feet across – spacious enough for 4 to 6 adults to unwind shoulder to shoulder in soothing water, feet propped up on benches brushed by fountain bubblers.

Their diminutive footprint leaves room for deck space, sunning chairs, and umbrellas, while central stairs or corner entry allows easy in-and-out access. We specialize in crafting these backyard mini-oases, supremely functional and oozing cozy with charm.

Negative Edge 

Also known as infinity edge or vanishing edge pools, negative edge pools offer a dramatic visual effect. The water appears to overflow the pool’s edge and seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment or view. This creates the illusion of the pool extending as far as the eye can see.

Negative edge pools draw the eye to the dramatic view beyond the pool. The combination of the extended water feature and backdrop creates a stunning infinite visual that expands the landscape. Even without a view, a negative edge can have a floating effect. If designed correctly, negative edge pools offer beauty, elegance, and a breathtaking illusion.

residential pools, custom pools and spas, negative edge
residential pools, custom pools and spas, zero entry

Zero Entry Pools

Zero-entry pools offer a gradual sloping entry that starts shallow and transitions seamlessly into deeper water. This design is ideal for families with small children and older adults, providing easy and safe access without needing steps or ladders.

Zero-entry pools mimic the sensation of entering a natural beach area and are often incorporated into freeform or lagoon-shaped designs. Rails can be installed for additional safety and support when entering the water. For maximum usability and security across generations, a zero-entry pool allows everyone to enjoy the water comfortably.

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