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We bring visions to life through insightful design consulting and creative collaborations with each personality and lifestyle.

Pool Commander®

3D Design and Consulting Process

3D designs and consulting

Designing a custom pool can be an exciting yet complex process, but Pool Commander® makes it easy by guiding you through every step – from initial consultation to final construction.

When clients hire Pool Commander® to design their dream pool, here is what they can expect:

1. We will set up an initial meeting onsite to discuss your vision and expectations for the pool. Our sales team will provide you with a survey with all the details.

2. Our expert design team, nicknamed the “Dream Team,” will work closely with the sales team to incorporate all your desires into a customized 3D pool design.

3. We will work with your local planning department to ensure the design meets all requirements before moving forward.

4. Once we have a design, we will provide you with a detailed plan and quote for the project.

5. We will apply for all necessary permits after you sign the contract.

6. Finally, the exciting building process begins! We will keep you updated throughout the entire pool construction process.

Let us know if you want clarification or have additional needs to discuss. We look forward to bringing your dream pool to life!

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Ou pool design experts will bring your ideal pool to life. We help you select the best shape, features, and accessories to customize your perfect oasis. Once we have completed the design for your dream pool the construction process will begin. During the design consultation, our representatives will walk you through the building process and handling permits and keep you informed every step of the way.

Don’t just imagine your backyard paradise – start designing with Pool Commander®. We’ll turn your vision into an enjoyable escape you and your family can enjoy for years.

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