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Seamlessly guiding you through every step of your backyard oasis dream – from initial concept to excavation to completion of your stunning custom water retreat.

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Step-by-Step Guide to The New Pool Process

Step into our world of swimming pool excellence! With Pool Commander®, you will journey to transform your space into an extraordinary paradise of relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner, our step-by-step process will explain the phases and complexities of the pool process.

Navigitating The Steps

The Journey Begins Here

Survey, Site Assessment, Consultation

With rules like the 60/40 rule, we need to receive and confirm your available space for accessory structures before we do anything. For commercial property owners, this is the time to mention any HOA forms that must be completed and your local building. Once this is addressed and finalized, we schedule a consultation.

The initial pool consultation is the crucial first step in crafting your new inground swimming pool. Our expert team delves into understanding your vision, lifestyle, and budget during this pivotal stage. We begin by viewing the designated space, assessing its dimensions, and gauging the surrounding environment to ensure a seamless integration of your future oasis.

Through an open discussion, we explore your needs, habits, and the intended purpose of the pool, ensuring that every detail aligns with your lifestyle aspirations. This personalized approach allows us to customize our recommendations, guaranteeing a design that meets and exceeds your expectations. Together, we transform your pool aspirations into a tangible and harmonious reality.

Design Phase

Now, the fun begins!

During the design phase, your vision takes shape as we embark on the creative journey of sculpting your ideal pool oasis. Our expert design team transforms concepts into concrete plans, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality. Every nuance, from the shape and size of the pool to the selection of materials and landscaping elements, is precisely considered.

Collaborative consultations ensure that your needs are acknowledged to form the guiding principles of the design. Through detailed 3D renderings, we provide a vivid preview of your future aquatic oasis, allowing for feedback and refinements.

This phase is a harmonious connection between your dreams and our expertise, culminating in a design that transcends expectations and sets the stage for creating your perfect pool paradise.


The permitting phase takes center stage as we transition from envisioning your dream pool to making it a reality. Our experienced team navigates the intricacies of securing the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with local regulations and codes. We understand the importance of a smooth and legally sound process so you can relax and anticipate the transformation.

Additionally, inspections become integral checkpoints throughout the construction journey. These evaluations, conducted at key milestones, guarantee that each aspect of the project aligns with safety standards and local requirements. From the groundbreaking to the finishing touches, our commitment to adherence and excellence ensures the result will be stunning, safe, and fully functional.

Excavation and Forming

The pool excavation marks the commencement of your project, as the Pool Commanders professionals sculpt the designated space according to the design. Simultaneously, steel rods are constructed on the bottom sides, into the bod beam and around the skimmers. This fortifies the structure, enhancing its durability and electrical safety.


The plumbing and hydraulics engineering are built into the construction, orchestrating the circulation and filtration systems that will sustain your pool’s vitality. With precision as our guide, the culmination of these processes marks a pivotal point, prompting the first inspection to guarantee that every element aligns seamlessly with design specifications and industry standards.

Pool Shell

Following the initial inspection of the excavation and structural aspects, we transition into the second stage of construction. The concrete mixture is now pneumatically sprayed under high pressure to adhere firmly around the steel reinforcing bars. This creates a steel-reinforced concrete shell that builds superior strength. We then allow the concrete to cure for at least 28 days to achieve the pool’s interior surface durability and longevity.

Tile, Coping, Electrical

The installation of tiles, placement and the integration of coping are created for a harmonious blend of form and function. Simultaneously, lighting and pool equipment, such as the filter, are installed to ensure the electricity is hooked up and powered up correctly. This will be followed up with the second electrical inspection.

Form and Decking

Once the stonework, tile, coping, primary plumbing and electrical lines are put in place, the concrete patio (if required) is molded and the drains are fitted. We begin to lay the materials of your choice.

Interior Finish

The last step in constructing an in-ground pool is installing the interior finish to create an impermeable and aesthetic surface. First, we ensure the concrete shell is adequately cured and prepared. Multiple coats of plaster or tile are then carefully applied and left to dry completely. The final finish protects the pool’s structural integrity while providing an attractive, smooth surface for swimmers to enjoy for years to come. With the interior waterproofing complete, the sparkling new pool is ready to be filled with water.

Start-Up, Pool School and Time To Party!

With these elements in place, we initiate the pool start-up process and balance pool water chemistry.  Concurrently, our pool school equips you, the homeowner or commercial property owner, with the knowledge and confidence to embrace and enjoy your newly created pool paradise. This is followed by a final inspection. And lastly, is now TIME TO PARTY!

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